Open source projects

I rely on the free software community for the tools I use in every project. It's great to be able to give something back once in a while. If you want to browse through some of my code, most of my open source projects are hosted on bitbucket.

Fresco web framework

This ongoing project provides an intuitive and standards-compliant library for building python web applications. More information.

Yoyo Migrations

This project provides a command line tool and API for relational database migrations. More information.


Flea takes the pain out of writing functional tests for WSGI applications. Flea provides an API to drive WSGI web applications, handling cookies, HTTP form submissions and more. The powerful lxml library is integrated, to allow you to inspect and navigate server responses. More information.

Online applications

Word HTML cleanup

There comes a point in the development of any content management system where you need to paste rich-text content in from Microsoft Word. I've seen too many systems where users fall back on pasting the content into Notepad first to remove all of Word's HTML-nasties – but stripping out all the formatting too, which must be painstakingly re-entered through an HTML editor.

This online tool solves that problem, and is the result of many years of experience of integration between standards based systems and Microsoft Office.

Belgian property rentals listings site

When I moved to Belgium, I discovered that finding a place to live in a foreign city can seem overwhelming.

Every term thousands of students come to my home town of Liège, including many erasmus students from all over the world. For those unfamiliar with the city and the language, finding a kot (a student room or shared apartment) can be truly daunting. I teamed up with hellokot to develop a site that makes finding kots and apartment rental listings in Belgium as easy as possible.

Since then, has expanded to other forms of real estate listing and continues to grow.

While the site itself isn't open source software, I'm in the process of open sourcing some of the code that I've developed along the way, starting with Piglet, a python HTML template engine