What kind of programming do I do?

I program interactive web applications. Examples include ecommerce sites, conference registration systems, intranet systems, content managed sites, user collaboration sites and online databases.

I work mainly in the Python programming language. If you are looking for particular technologies, this is a representative sample of what I do:

  • I create maintainable web applications using Python WSGI, Apache, nginx, Zope/Plone and CGI
  • I program interactive database driven web applications backed by PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite
  • I implement AJAX driven user interfaces, using Javascript and JQuery
  • I install and administer BSD and Linux based web and database servers

I also have experience in Java, Perl and PHP, network technologies such as LDAP, DNS, SSH and many Microsoft server products. If you need a specialist in these areas then I am not the right person, but I am comfortable working alongside these technologies and integrating with them.

What makes me unique?

When you hire me I will make an effort to understand how you operate and what is unique to your business. I will discuss your requirements in detail and produce working prototypes right from the start that we can refine together until you feel happy with the result.

I love programming and I love working with clients to produce creative and technically robust work that solves their problems.

I am well established, professional and expert in my field. I will give you accurate estimates and realistic proposals that take into account all aspects of the project, don't gloss over the details and won't leave you with any nasty surprises at the end.

What kind of clients do I have?

I prefer to work with small and medium sized organisations with the agility to respond to the technical changes that make the internet such an exciting place to do business. I have also worked with larger organisations, for example universities and hospitals.

What kind of business relationship will we have?

I work as an independent contractor on an as-needed basis. I work primarily over the internet, with most contact by email, telephone and other electronic media.

How will you pay me?

I expect payments to be made by bank transfer to either a UK or Euro bank account. If this isn't convenient we can discuss this before starting the project.

For new projects I ask for an upfront deposit, typically 50% of the total estimated cost. For ongoing work, I will send you an invoice every month for the previous month's work. Payment terms can be negotiated depending on the size and nature of each project.

How long have I been in business?

I have been programming for as long as I can remember. I was first paid to program a computer in 1996, it became my livelihood in 1997 and I became a full time freelance programmer in 2006.

Where am I based and what are my hours?

I am located in Liège, Belgium. Until recently I was based in London and I regularly visit the UK for business purposes. Many of my clients are located in London and south-east England but I am comfortable with working for organisations based anywhere.

I work from 9am to 5pm UK time.

What are my credentials?

I started my full time career at pres.co (now LBi), a leading web design and development agency. There I was a senior developer, producing websites and web applications for clients such as Abbey, Marks & Spencer and National Savings.

I moved to Great Ormond Street Hospital/Institute for Child Heath in 2002. I developed their content management system, numerous websites and internal systems. I led the programming team and my role included mentoring other developers and liaising with project managers, clinicians and academics, putting me right at the heart of the process on major projects.

In 2006 I became a freelance programmer, allowing me to use all my skills – excellent communication, expert technical knowledge and a passion for producing the very best solutions possible – on a wide range of exciting projects.