What makes me a Python expert?

This page is about my technical expertise. Head over to the about me page for a more general overview of my work.

I first started Python development in 2001 while working in a web development agency as a Java and Perl developer. I became a full-time Python developer a year later, working on content management and intranet projects in Zope.

Since 2006 I have been a full time freelance Python web developer, undertaking many substantial client projects.

I have considerable skills in PostgreSQL, MySQL, Django, SQLAlchemy, Mercurial, Git, Nginx, Linux and BSD systems administration.

The front end of many of my projects relies heavily on HTML5, JavaScript/EcmaScript, responsive coding techniques and modern web dev frameworks (eg Backbone, Mithril, jQuery, SASS/SCSS), JSON APIs, and front-end asset stacks (NPM, Browserify, etc).

Examples of systems I have developed for my freelance clients include ecommerce sites, conference registration systems, booking reservation systems, intranet systems, archive document transcription systems, and online research databases.

I also publish and maintain many open source Python projects, including Yoyo migrations, the Fresco web framework, and the Piglet templating engine.

I also have experience in Java, Perl and PHP, network technologies such as LDAP, DNS, SSH, SMTP and some Microsoft server products. If you need a specialist in these areas then I am not the right person, but I am comfortable working alongside these technologies and integrating them.

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